So another day. Another sortie with Atti. Now waiting for an impending storm. A texas low. Could be 15-20 cm. coming. I have confirmed a booking with the Montgomery Theatre in North Rustico P.E.I. for the summer commencing May 30/13 to Sept. 1/13. It will be good to work. A new adaptation of the Cherry Orchard called The Shore Field and Alice in Wonderland.

the dogs

I dug down deep and pulled the yoga video out of the downstairs computer. Found a mat. Doffed the bulk of my clothing and agonized through 40 minutes of trying to breath and more specifically trying to move. I have hamstrings 2 inches long it feels. I can hardly touch my knees let alone my toes. Still I persevere longing for it to end. It's like the walk I take with Atti almost every day now. When I get to the bottom of the lane and look north I can see the turn around 20 minutes in the distance. Down the hill across Hockley Road one and along the flat to the Nottawasaga River ( frozen over now). Then up the rise to the turn around. I get there then look back and see an even greater challenge. Getting home. From this vantage point I can see a significant climb out of the valley to the house. But funny thing. I feel better for doing it. All sweaty and bundled in winter garb by the time we make it back to the homestead. So it is the same with the yoga except at the end I feel limber, stronger, more positive. Now that can't be bad. I will try again tomorrow.

Thought I'd try a little poetry. Actually there words from songs I've written.

Here's a sample

                                   Hold On © 2010 Jonathan Whittaker

When my spirit flags and the devil within rears its ugly head

 and starts to growl.

Tempted to succumb to every wiff and whim

and give in at my weakest hour.

Shadows haunt me from every direction.

Unfinished business from too many yesterdays.

Hanging by a thread is my affliction. 

Conviction, rejection, depression frays me

Hold on